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For many startup entrepreneurs, it’s one of their earliest concerns. And for existing companies, a review of the business plan can be a turning point in moving the company to the next level. The role and requirements of the business plan are widely misunderstood, so we’ll take a moment here to dispel some myths and shed some light on the reality of promotional cash back business plans.

Company History

Company is in direct selling of FMCG products.

Direct selling about business organization seeking a relationship with their customer without going through retail channels. Life Changing Live has always stayed firm to its principle of customer satisfaction.

Life Changing Live means expression what we have adopted to fondly refer to the life style of people associated with Life Changing Live. Life Changing Live business always works on the principles of ‘Purity’, Trust, Pursuit of excellence and focused customer satisfaction’’. Life Changing Live working with top brand insurance company those work with top international company. They are many years of experience in insurance sector. Life Changing Live working with better ideas so their great leaders build better future.


To constantly deliver improved insurance solutions to our clients en route our journey to being the country’s most revered insurance broker.


To offer our clients the best consulting and insurance services endowed with an umbrella of risk management and advisory services.

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